/Running Doc: How to run in cold weather

Running Doc: How to run in cold weather

• Don’t forget to drink. In cold weather, it is easy to overlook your fluid needs, but it is not safe to ignore them. Your body is still sweating, so replenish your fluids appropriately. The rule of thumb during exercise is to drink for thirst and no more than one cup (8 ounces) of fluid every 20 minutes. • Shorten your stride in snow, ice, sleet, or heavy rain. If there is snow, ice, or excessive water on the ground, shorten your stride and pay attention to your footing and the runners around you, to avoid a slip or fall. Pay attention to the announcements at the start of a race about icy areas of the course. Black ice is a real danger for slippage and therefore sprains and broken bones. Do not expect to attain a personal record in these conditions; instead, plan for a safe race.If you follow these guidelines, you should have a fun, safe winter running and racing season.